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The North American Union--a merger of the USA, Canada and Mexico, is being implemented in a similar, gradual, even stealth fashion to the implementing of the European Union, as this chart shows.  The independence of each European nation has been nearly eliminated.

European Union Timeline North American Union Timeline
  • Council of Europe: Created about 1947

  • European Coal and Steel Community: 1952

  • European Economic Community (EEC): 1958
      Similar to NAFTA

  • Make laws in all countries the same (usually dumbed down to most Socialist level, for example, to force all EU countries to legalize abortion, etc.): Occurred over many years

  • EU Parliament: (since 1979 as elected body)

  • EU Anthem: 1985 (there really IS an EU anthem)

  • EU Flag: 1986

  • Common Foreign and Security Policy: 1992

  • Officially inaugurate the EU: 1993

  • Residents of any EU country allowed to move to any other country without visas or limits: 1995

  • Replace currencies with the Euro, surrender control of economy: 1999

  • Eliminate all intra-Europe borders, customs, etc:  About 2000

  • EU VAT tax: 2003

  • "Made in EU" replaces actual country of origin: Common since about 2003 Possibly mandatory soon?

  • Surrender of right of nations to veto EU decrees: 2004

  • EU Pledge of Allegiance: 2008? (not a joke)
      The anthem, flag & pledge all serve to help eliminate national identity & traditions of freedom.

  • EU constitution: Signed 2004, but implementation was delayed because voters in several countries rejected it. It would supersede all national laws, leaders and constitutions, effectively abolishing the independence of each nation. The almost identical Lisbon Treaty is how the EU is accomplishing the same abolition of sovereignty without any debate; and soon this treaty will be ratified in every EU nation without any national referenda except in Ireland.
    VICTORY: 6/08 Ireland rejected the Lisbon treaty! This may set back the final surrender of sovereignty for years.

  • President of Europe: Planned for 2008 (possibly dependant on approval of Lisbon Treaty)

  • EU income tax: 2008?

  • Redrawing of country boundaries--inventing new regions & "Transnational Assemblies" to further abolish the concept of nations, patriotism & national culture: Underway  One "Regional" Map  Plans

  • National military forces surrendered to EU control: Soon

  • National foreign policy surrendered to EU control: Soon

  • EU merger with US/NAU: Scheduled for 2015

  • Merge with "African Union," "Asian Union," etc. to create total UN global control: ?

  • Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act 1934
  • Joint Mexico-U.S. Defense Commission 1942
  • Organization of American States (OAS)founded 1948
  • Trade Act (Fast Track) 1974
  • La Paz Agreement 1983
  • Trade and Tariff Act 1984
  • U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement: 1989
  • Mexico-U.S. Income Tax Treaty: 1992
  • NAFTA implemented: 1994
  • NAFTA Flag
  • Mexican sharing in U.S. Social Security system: Signed by Bush in 2004, but not yet submitted to Congress for approval.
  • Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP): 2005
  • Make laws in all countries the same (dumbed down to most Socialist/open-border level): Starting in or earlier than 2005, as part of SPP.
  • NAFTA Superhighway & "inland ports,"  Eliminating border searches of cargo: Under construction.
  • Make all drivers licenses (with RFID chips) valid to cross borders without visas or enforceable limits on residency: Soon
  • Eliminate all intra-North American borders &  customs: ?
  • Residents of any NAU country allowed to move to any other without visas or limits. This will mean all Mexicans can move by right to the U.S. and Canada: ?

  • "Made in North America" to replace "Made in USA": Planned by NACC

  • Replace the dollar with the Amero, surrender control of our ecomomy: ?
      Former Mexican President Vincente Fox said the Amero will happen. Current dollar crises may be designed to build support to scrap the dollar.
  • Officially implement the NAU: ?
      NAU master planner Robert Pastor claims a national emergency may be needed to force this on Americans.
  • Surrender of right of nations to veto NAU decrees: ?
  • Redrawing of country boundaries--inventing new regions to further abolish the concept of nations & national culture: Possible concept?
  • NAU taxation: ?
  • NAU flag: ?
  • NAU anthem: ?
  • NAU Pledge of Allegiance: ?
    Don't expect the nation-dissolvers will omit this propaganda step which the EU has already implemented.
  • NAU parliament: ?
  • NAU constitution: ?
  • President of North America: ?
  • US military forces surrendered to NAU control: ?
  • US foreign policy surrendered to NAU control: ?
  • Merge with South & Central America: ?
  • US/NAU merger with EU: Scheduled for 2015
  • Merge with "African Union," "Asian Union," etc. to create total UN global control: ?

"The United States should apply to relations with hemispheric neighbors many of the lessons of the European Union and its half-century of economic and political integration. A functioning American Union that pools sovereignty is a goal worth introducing now. A President Obama has to be willing to sit down with the prime minister of Canada and the president of Mexico without preconditions, such as demands for treaty renegotiations." By Jim Hoagland, Washington Post, June 1, 2008.

http://www.epinet.org/content.cfm/ib214 job loss from nafta

It's not just NAU, but merging the US with Europe: Transatlantic Economic Council Official website

SPP to allow everyone to cross border without documents: (see page 11)

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